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Nikki Stubbs

Chief Justin Manager

Nikki is our analytical and financial guru. Her mind works in ways that, over 20 years later, still baffle Justin. She's a thinker and problem solver, and she gets things done. Years ago Justin shoved too many DVDs in a disc changer and gave up on it ever working again. Saving it from the trash, she sat down with a screwdriver and carefully took it apart,  removed the discs, and put it all back together again. And this was before smart phones, Google, and YouTube tutorials. She's just that awesome. 

Nikki is a graphic designer by trade and education. She holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and a Master's Degree in Media Design. After 14 years in education with the State of Georgia, she moved into the private sector as an Instructional Designer for a large SAAS firm. She's a design whiz with a knack for analyzing data and developing processes to streamline systems. That's fancy talk for "she knows how to make things work better." She's the brains of this organization, believe that. 

Nikki is an acclaimed BMX mom that knows every part and piece of a BMX racing bike and loves cheering Holland on at races all over the country. 

Nikki Stubbs
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